A Legend In Da Makin', Summer 566

FB Solos Town, Summer 566

He Looks Kinder Worried, Summer 566

More Balls Outside Smelly Cave, Summer 566

Hadta Dodge Balls At Valley Entrance, Summer 566

Mel'vynn, Summer 566

Mebbe I Should Retink Dat Outfit, Summer 566

Differmints Of Opinion, Summer 566

FB Kidnaps Snow, Summer 566

Eb Does What's Gotta Be Done, Summer 566

Dat Guard's In Trouble Now, Summer 566

Chippin' FerBloodyEver, Summer 566

FB kidnaps Hunter, Summer 566

Dun Tell Del, Summer 566

FB: Manqy Delivers, Summer 566

Swayin' Da Judges, Summer 566

Disemandied Head, Spring 566

Andy Groks Da Clause, Spring 566

A New Low, Spring 566

Tryin' T'Kill Shiner, Spring 566

Guesting Each Uvver, Spring 566

Connie Confused, Spring 566

Tribute At Last, Spring 566

Oh Dat Afton, Spring 566

Oh Dat Kalian, Spring 566

Fighters Wit Pets, Spring 566

Natas Snuggles, Spring 566

We Broke Kalian, Spring 566

Playin' Pebbles, Parchment an' Pony Yard, Spring 566